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Creating late cancelation/no-show fee and save client card details

NOTE! This feature is supported only with the Stripe payment method! 

First of all, you need to integrate Stripe payment provider to your Tablein account, so go to your settings “3rd party integrations“;

How to save card details in case of no-show or late cancelation

  1. Go to your settings part “prepayments and events“;
  2. In the top right corner, click on “create new”;
  3. Write promotion name (recommended to write Late cancellation / no show fee) and description. Promotion name will be visible in your widget and description will be sent to guest with confirmation and reminder emails. In the description field is strongly recommended to write when payment will be charged and the amount, for example:
    In case of no-show or last-minute cancellation, your card will be charged for XX Eur. The restaurant allows to cancel reservations 48 hours before reservation without any charges, between 48 and 24 hours – 50% fee, if less than 24 hours until reservation start time, we will charge 100% reservation fee. We fully understand that there are various situations, please get in touch with us to cancel your reservation as soon as possible by calling +44 ………
    Thanks for your understanding.
  4. Select the period when you apply this fee and enter the minimum guest number;
  5. Turn on “Late cancellation / No show fee”;
  6. Select in which dining rooms you will apply this fee;
  7. Select how many hours before reservation you allow to cancel a reservation online without payment. If there are fewer hours than this limit, guest will need to contact you by phone or email to cancel reservation. This helps decide whether to deduct the full amount/ partial amount or not to apply this fee. Please note that you won’t be able to charge more than added maximum amount;
  8. Select charge mode: per person or per reservation:
    • Per persons means that system will multiply the amount by the number of guests.
    • Per reservations means that the system will charge the same amount regardless of how many people will be in the reservation;
  9. Set the price and currency;
  10. In “Information / Cancellation policy”, you can add extra information or your refund and reservation policy. NOTE! The system allows to add only PDF file;
  11. Set up time by weekdays and click on “save”.

Note! This feature works only for online reservations, we do not allow to ask for client card details by phone for security reasons.