Creating prepayment

If you want to create some offer or event in your restaurant and you want to take a prepayment before coming to your restaurant, please follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to integrate some payment provider to your Tablein account, so go to your settings “3rd party integrations” and integrate one of our supported payment providers;
  2. Go to your settings part “prepayments and events“;
  3. In the top right corner, click on “create new”;
  4. Write promotion name and description. Promotion name will be visible in your widget and description will be sent to guest with confirmation and reminder emails
    (tips: information about the menu, dress code, cancellation policy, other important information related to the event/offer/discount);
  5. In the description field, you can write some information about event/offer and add information about your refund policy;
  6. Select the period (if an event is just one day, so your event period should be from that day to the same day) and enter the minimum guest number;
  7. Leave “Late cancellation / No show fee” off as it is in the beginning;
  8. Select type: it’s event / offer or discount;
  9. Select in which dining rooms you will serve this promotion;
  10. Turn on the “Pay online” function;
  11. Select how many hours you will wait for customer payment and leave reservation as “pending”;
  12. Select charge mode: per person or per reservation. Per persons means that system will multiply the amount by the number of guests. Per reservations means that system will charge the same amount regardless of how many people will be in the reservation;
  13. Set the price and currency;
  14. In “Information / Cancellation policy” you can add some extra information about a promotion or add special that evening menu, etc. NOTE! System allows adding only PDF file
  15. Set up time by weekdays and click on “save”.