Custom terms and conditions

Restaurants have an obligation to present information about their data processing “in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language. By default we use a simple policy, but you can always change it.

  • Open Widget settings and scroll to the section "Policy and Terms"
  • Turn on “Custom terms and conditions”
  • On the left-hand side select your language. You can also add your terms in more languages
  • Add your privacy policy
  • This privacy policy will be shown as part of the widget agreement “By clicking “Book”, you agree to the System and Restaurant Privacy Policies”

A privacy policy is where you let your users know:

  • What personal information you collect
  • How and why you collect it
  • How you use it
  • How you secure it
  • Any third parties with access to it
  • If you use cookies
  • How users can control any aspects of the above terms
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