Guest notes

These notes are specific to each guest. Guest notes are saved in the guest profile, remaining attached to that guest across all future bookings.

All information is saved by phone number.

Popularly used guest notes include whether the guest is a vegan or vegetarian, a blogger or critic, employee, friend of the owner, a regular, VIP, if they are blacklisted, or have allergies.

How to add guest notes:

  • When adding/editing a reservation, you’ll find the guest notes section in the right-hand column of the reservation window
  • When making a new booking, click on Reservation, add notes, you can also mark guest as a VIP and it will help at a glance to see your most important guests, and then save the reservation
  • To add or edit guest notes to a guest’s profile, open your guest list, search for the guest and click on their name
  • Edit the information and click Save