How does no show/late cancellation fee work

NOTE! This feature is supported only with the Stripe payment method! 

  1. To make a reservation, a guest has to select (optional) dining room, number of people, date, hour. If the fee is applied only for specific dates and times, they will be indicated with the “card” symbol;
  2. Guest has to select the required offer; for this reason, it is important to write clear promotion, and you can add “Information/Cancellation” policy next to the offer’s name;
  3. The system will request to add card details (card number, expiration date, CVV code), click to “Add card”, and confirm payment (card provider). Guest will be asked to verify the 0 amount (just to save card details). After the card is added, the guest can click next and finish reservation: add a phone number, name, email and other required information;
  4. The system will send an automatic confirmation email with no show/late cancellation description;
  5. Guest will be able to cancel a reservation without any charges if there is less than X hours (depending on your settings). If less, he will need to contact the restaurant by phone or email (these details are taken from the restaurant profile).