Reservation statuses

Reservation statuses indicate the current state or progress of a reservation within a system:
  • Confirmed: The reservation is successfully booked and confirmed (Blue colour)
  • Seated: The guest has arrived for their reservation (Green colour)
    The booking status automatically updates to indicate when a reservation begins (shown in green). If you prefer to manually change this status only when the guest arrives, you can disable the "Auto-arrival" feature in your settings.
  • Pending: The reservation request has been received but not yet confirmed (shown in yellow). This status is used when the guest hasn't fully approved the event or when the reservation is waiting for payment.
  • Waiting List: This status indicates that the reservation is on a waiting list, meaning that there are no available slots currently, but the guest would like to be notified if a spot becomes available (Brown colour)
  • Walk-In: This status applies to guests who arrive without a prior reservation. It's used for statistical purposes and to mark tables as occupied in the system.
  • No-show: The guest did not show up for their reservation (Red colour)
  • Cancelled: The reservation has been canceled, either by the guest or by the restaurant. (Grey colour)
  • Blocked: This status is used when you don't want to accept bookings for specific tables and times, so those tables are blocked from reservations (shown in red).