Reservation statuses

  • Confirmed – Booking has been confirmed. (Blue colour)
  • Arrived – Booking status changes automatically when reservation begins.(Green colour). If you prefer to change this status manually only when the guest arrives, turn off the “Auto-arrival” status in your settings.
  • Blocked – if you don’t want to accept bookings for specific tables and times, you can block tables. (Red colour).
  • Cancelled – Guest has requested to cancel their reservation. After cancellation, the booking will simply disappear from your calendar.
  • Your guest will also receive a cancellation email. (disappears from Calendar)
  • No Show – if a guest fails to arrive, please mark the booking as a No Show. All no shows are indicated in your guest history, allowing you greater control over the bookings you choose to accept or decline. (Red Colour)
  • Pending – Booking is waiting for confirmation. (Yellow colour). The system also uses this status for payments. Until reservation is paid for, it remains in pending status.
  • Walk-in – guest without reservation.