Reservations filter

The reservation filter allows you easier find and overview reservations. After activating the filter, it will work for other days, so it is important to turn off the filter with the reset button after reviewing the reservations. Special indicator ! helps to notice when the filter is active.
 Filter by date and time period
  • The system allows you to filter reservations that start at a selected date and/or time period.
  • Include ongoing – add reservations that start before the selected period but continue on a given period. For example, if you select time from 17:00 to 19:00 and include ongoing reservations, the system will show reservations that continues, for example, starting at 16:30 and finishing at 18:30.
  • Filter by reservation status. By default, all statuses are turned on.

Filter by the dining area

By default, the list shows all reservations. To sort by a dining room, please select one or more areas.
You can rename, edit, add more dining areas at Table management.

Filter by comment

Click to overview reservations only with comments

Filter by feedback

For added convenience, we’ve added reviews to your bookings right away. this feature allows you to view feedback from previous days. A feedback message is sent the day after the reservation. Mark the feedback filter and go back in days. 

Filter by VIP

Instant overview if you do not have very important guests. Guest tag VIP is saved in the guest profile, remaining attached to that guest across all future bookings. This tag and guest notes are saved by phone number.