System overwrites guest information

Phone number required

Tablein system saves guests by their phone number, so it is better to add a reservation without phone number rather than use a fake number or the restaurant’s phone number. Otherwise, system will update guest information to latest added information and will change guest name, email address and might send notifications to a wrong person.

You can make it a requirement for your staff to add a guest’s phone number, as well as their name, when making a reservation on Tablein.

Open Reservation settings and switch "Phone number required" option ON if you require a phone number for all reservations. This only affects reservations that are made on the phone or in person, as reservations made online already require a phone number. 

If you do wish to require a phone number for each phone reservation, please make sure, that staff are aware of this.

Here’s how to control the required phone number status:

  • Open reservation settings, find the option Required phone number
  • Toggle to left if you don’t require a phone number for bookings
  • Toggle to the right if you do require a phone number for every booking
  • Click Save