Viva Wallet integration

Global cloud-based digital payments factory with a localised mindset and configuration. How to integrate Viva Wallet:

Create Tablein at Viva wallet:

Before you start, please go to:

  1. Your Viva Wallet account -> Sales / Online payments / Websites.
  2. Click “Add Website/App” configuration form please set:
    • Protocol: HTTPS
    • Domain Name:
    • Integration method: Redirection/Native Checkout v2
    • Success and Failure URL: cumo-viva-wallet-payment/verify-payment
    • Select all checkboxes


Open 3rd Party Integrations select Viva Wallet and turn on “Enable gateway”:

  1. Title: Viva Wallet or Online payment / Credit card (this title will be visible for a client if you use more than one payment provider)
  2.  Merchant ID – copy from Viva wallet – Settings / API access
  3. API Key – copy from Viva wallet Settings / API access
  4.  Source code – Copy from Sales / Online payments / Websites
  5. Select currency – Currency used in Viva Wallet
    This payment system accepts payment only in currency where client company is registered. For example if you select USA as you country during registration you will be able to accept payments only in USD.
  6. Select if you use demo account or real
  7. To accept payments, you will need to create Prepayment and Promotions