Waiting list

Waiting list and how to add reservation

Reservations to the waiting list can be added manually by restaurant staff.

How to create waiting list for upcoming dates:

This waiting list will be used manually, it means that you need to add a reservation and when the table becomes available send a confirmation email or contact the customer regarding the reservation time or unchanged plans.

  • Open table management and create a new dining area “Waiting list”
  • Turn off the “Online reservations” option
  • Create a few tables to be used for your waiting list and save

When guest calls about reservation or emails, you can offer to add the guest to the waiting list, then:

  • Open calendar or reservation list, open date and click to create a reservation
  • Change reservation status to pending, select time, table from dining room “Waiting list” and fill client details: phone number, name and email (it is important for notifications)
  • Save
  • Guest won’t get any notifications until reservation status will be changed to confirmed or cancelled. If you will leave it with “Pending” status, client won’t get any notifications.


Recommendation: Add additional sentence to confirmation emails how to cancel reservation. You can use this code: If your plans change, please <a href=”[node:reservation-cancel-link]”>click here</a> to cancel your reservation