Waiting list and “Table’s ready” SMS service for a quick-release table

When a guest comes to your (fully booked) restaurant and you can see that a table will become available in 10-15 minutes, you can take the client’s details, ask them to go for a walk or have a drink in the bar, and send them an SMS when the table is ready.

  • Open table management and create a new dining area “Waiting list”
  • Turn off the “Online reservations” option
  • Create a few tables to be used for your waiting list and save
  • When a guest without a reservation comes in, open Calendar or Reservation lost and click to create a new reservation
  • Select reservation status “PENDING”. When reservation is on pending status. no additional notifications will be sent.
  • Add the number of guests, a time (even just 15 minutes), and select a table (if all tables are full, then you can select a table in your “Waiting list” dining area)
  • It is important to add the customer’s name and phone number for the SMS
  • Save reservation

When the table is available:

  • Click on the reservation and assign their new table (if applicable),
    Select “Table ready” checkbox and save.
  • When the guest arrives, change reservation status to “Arrived”