Integration to Facebook “Book now” button

Facebook recently removed the possibility to add your booking link in the Book Now button, and they only allow you to pick from a list of software solutions and no longer allow to add URL address.

We came up with a workaround solution:

  • Sign into your Facebook Business Manager account
  • Navigate to your Facebook page, and click “+ Add a Button” below your cover photo
  • Select “Contact us” or “Start order” or “Learn now” then Add URL address”
  • To get your unique URL, open the Tablein system and from the sidebar
  • Open Widget Integration and copy the widget active link
  • Within Facebook, paste the URL copied from the previous step and click Finish

You can also use this active link in all your Facebook posts when prompting customer to book a table now (call-to-action).

You can also add automatic respond to Book a table. Please follow next step.