Get started with Tablein

Check and finish your Restaurant profile.

  • Restaurant phone number, email, address, and website are used for notifications. 
  • Select your time zone – this is important for real-time reservations.
  • Save your progress.

Create dining areas and tables

  • Open Table management.
  • Add dining areas.
  • Select if you want to allow online reservations for every dining room
  • Add the tables within each area, then select the number of guests that can be accommodated on each and the allowed booking length for online reservations.
  • For large groups, please create table groups – read more.
  • Save your progress.

Set up opening hours

  • Open Opening hours.
  • Add opening hours for every day. Please note, the last available reservation depends on what your booking length is set to. If you want to allow guests to book the last table at 9 p.m., you should set closing time at 11 p.m. (if booking length is 2 hours). You can also block online bookings. Click on the time slot to block (make it red).
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find “Custom opening hours”. Please use this time when you want to open the restaurant when it would usually be closed, change opening hours for a few days, or close the restaurant for holidays.
  • Save your progress.

More information about Opening hours

Learn how to add reservations to the system:

  • With a button on the calendar:
    Select date, number of guests, reservation time, then click on the table name, confirm and add guest details.
  • By dragging the cursor:
    Select date, click and drag on the time and table, and finish with guest details. 
  • On a floor plan:
    Select the date, click on the Booking button, select number of guests, reservation start and end time and click on the table. Add the client details.
  • Save the reservation.

Learn more about reservation management 

Try online bookings and integrate widget

  • Open the widget integration.
  • Use the link or try to book a table directly on the widget. Please use a different email than your login email. The system sends different emails to the restaurant and to the client.
  • On a widget, select the number of guests, date, available time and add contact details.
  • The reservation will appear in your calendar and the reservation list and you will be notified by email and (optional) SMS message.

    Learn more How to integrate widget